Volume XLIV Editorial Board and Staff

June 27th, 2016

Editor-in-Chief: Chris Fennell
Managing Editor: Natasa Siveski
Business Editor: Jessica Baker
Senior Articles Editor: Gilana Keller
Online Managing Editor: Claire Glass
Writing and Research Editor: Naomi Babu
Cooper-Walsh Editor: Susan Moskovits
Symposium Editor: Kate Ross

Notes and Articles Editor: Theodore Becker
Notes and Articles Editor: Katie Campbell
Notes and Articles Editor: Lucy Gubernick
Notes and Articles Editor: Julie Hendrickson
Notes and Articles Editor: Winhkong Hua
Notes and Articles Editor: Samantha Indelicato
Notes and Articles Editor: Sara Johnson

Associate Editor: Adam Natan
Associate Editor: Herbert Rosen
Associate Editor: Kaitlyn Walsh

Volume XLIV Masthead 6.15

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