Discussing “Musical Chairs and Tall Buildings: Teaching Poverty Law in the 21st Century” by Amy Wax

3. “Changing the Landscape: A Little More Audacity of Hope, Please” by Marie A. Failinger

March 13th, 2013

Reading the exchange between Professor Wax and Professor Tani,[1] I was struck by how our discussions about teaching poverty law resemble church-state or other discussions I have witnessed over the years, since I also participate in church-state scholarship.  These are discussions among insiders who largely agree about what the landscape looks like.  The points of disagreement fall on a small piece of geography within that landscape.

2. “The Limited Utility of History in Poverty Law Education” by Amy Wax

April 8th, 2012

1. “Poverty Law 101: The Law and History of the U.S. Welfare State” by Karen Tani

February 3rd, 2012