Discussing “City Governments and Predatory Lending” by Jonathan L. Entin and Shadya Y. Yazback

2. “City Governments and Predatory Lending Revisited” by Jonathan L. Entin

January 22nd, 2014

2. "City Governments and Predatory Lending Revisited" by Jonathan L. Entin

Seven years ago, Shadya Yazback and I published an article in this journal about the legal options available to cities seeking to combat the harms arising from predatory lending.[1]  The editors have invited me to participate in an online debate with my friend and former colleague Kathleen Engel, who has done path-breaking work on predatory lending.[2] 

1. “The State of Play in City Claims Against Financial Firms” by Kathleen C. Engel

January 22nd, 2014

1. "The State of Play in City Claims Against Financial Firms" by Kathleen C. Engel

In 2006, before the subprime mortgage crisis and the collapse of the financial markets, I wrote an article titled Do Cities Have Standing?  Redressing the Externalities of Predatory Lending.[1]  In the article, I addressed the possibility that cities had standing to recover for the damage that predatory lenders were inflicting on their communities.  At the time, exploitative lenders were putting unsophisticated borrowers in loans they could not afford, and many of those borrowers have since lost or will lose their homes.