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Jun 27, 2017 | Read →

Policing in America


By Eric J. Miller*

The development of the institutional approach to policing, and procedure more generally, is one of the most exciting features of criminal procedure over the past decade. More accurately, there are a series of institutional approaches—doctrinal, philosophical, sociological, empirical—that all claim that there is independent value in regulating the police, separate from the additional value of protecting suspects’ rights.


Aug 16, 2017 | Read →

The Fountain Blog

JASON LIBOU WRITING COMPETITION WINNER: Guilty of Homelessness: The Criminalization of Homelessness in the United States

Each year, the Urban Law Journal holds the Jason Libou Online Writing Competition, which considers student-written work on topics in urban planning, education, urban criminal justice, and energy and sustainability. Samantha Frankel‘s piece on the growing problem of homelessness in U.S. cities, this year’s winning submission, explores the ways in which urban governments, rather than addressing the causes of homelessness, have enacted anti-homeless laws that serve to exacerbate the problem.


Aug 6, 2017 | Read →

Discussing “Let There Be Blight: Blight Condemnations in New York After Goldstein and Kaur” by Ilya Somin

2. “Blight, Pretext, and Eminent Domain in New York” by Ilya Somin
Mar 12, 2012 | By Ilya Somin | Read →

Discussing “Decriminalizing Border Crossings” by Victor Romero

2. “On Borders and Crimes” by Victor Romero
Mar 3, 2012 | By Victor Romero | Read →

Discussing “Rights Versus Duties, History Department Lawyering, and the Incoherence of Justice Stevens’s Heller Dissent” by Nicholas J. Johnson

2. “The Statute of Northampton by the Late Eighteenth Century: Clarifying the Intellectual Legacy” by Patrick J. Charles

In a article examining the “myths and realities about early American gun regulation,” Saul Cornell provides new insight as to how the right to arms outside the home evolved in Antebellum law.[1]  Cornell’s article is arguably the first to seriously examine this legal development and I do not challenge his general findings in this regard.[2]  Where we seemingly diverge is the role that the Statute of Northampton served in this process, particularly its intellectual impact by the turn of the nineteenth century.[3] (more…)

Dec 20, 2013 | By Patrick J. Charles | Read →